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Foot Measurement


Foot Measurement Guide for Aurelka®
Personal Footwear

Custom-made footwear is always manufactured on the basis of individual foot parameters. 

That is why, apart from the indication of desired correction to be performed in the shoe, the order should include the following data:


  • Foot/orthosis contour
  • Joint circumference (A)
  • Instep circumference (B) 
  • Heel circumference (C) 
  • Ankle circumference (D)


Foot Contour Measurement

  • Foot/orthosis length (E) 
  • Joint width (F) 
  •  Heel width (G)



In order to take measurement of the foot, follow the instruction below:

1. Standing on a piece of paper, draw the contour of foot circumference.

In order to take the contour of the foot correctly, one should hold the pencil at the right angle to the paper.

2. Take measurement in centimetres of the distance between the extreme points in the drawing (a & b).


In individual cases, taking additional measurements is recommended; these may include:


  • Toe circumference
  • Toe height (H) 
  • Height of the great toe joint (I) 
  • Height of the arch of the foot (J)


Measurements for Aurelka® Shoe-Orthosis

In the case of ordering Aurelka® Shoe-Orthosis additional measurements are required:

• Height of the upper (K)

• Calf circumference at the top of the upper (L)

• Calf circumference at the widest point (M)

• Height of the widest point of the calf (N)

• Height of the rigid part (heel counter) (O)