Viktor Shoes Reviews


TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN`S FEET and sign up for a professional foot examination.

Our offer includes a medical consultation regarding the examination of feet and knees, as well as defects of posture

and  of the spine. 

Thanks to cooperation with Platinium Clinic, you will get professional medical advice as well as a physiotherapist.

Remember that faulty postures result from badly shaped feet.

After the foot test, we will help your child choose appropriate HEALTHLY FEET footwear. We also supply orthopeadic

footwear and insoles.



We are pleased to offer you a unique fantastic children shoes Aurelka. Collection Aurelka includes prevention (anatomically correct) shoes. On their basis, thanks to modern technologies, in sort terms can be created corrective (orthopedic) models to meet individual needs.


The basic version of Aurelka shoes is recommended for children whose feet do not require correction, as the best form of prevention and effective protection from various feet defects.


It is possible to install individual orthopedic insoles into summer models.