Viktor Shoes Reviews

Aurelka has been specialising in the production of preventive and orthopaedic footwear for the youngest. 

Each pair is custom-made on an individual order with regard of the orthopaedic recommendations, as well as a precise measurement of the child’s foot


In our production we use soles made by the renown Italian company Vibram®. We are pioneers in using the specialised Vibram® soles in Poland. Vibram® soles are characterised by high adherence, durability and wear-resistance due to the materials used in their manufacturing and to their ingenious cut-outs.

The solutions used by the brand, such as self-cleaning grooves, the rotation zones and  nti-slip surfaces guarantee high level of comfort and safety. The soles made by Vibram® are ones of the most popular and renown among mountaineers, trekkers and mountain climbers.


Shoes with BOA® Binding

A decade’s experience in fitting sports footwear informed the creators of the world’s best locking system for prophylactic and orthopaedic shoes. In contrast to traditional shoelaces, the BOA® binding system is not slippery, thus helping to perfectly and securely fit the foot in the shoe and providing it with comfortable environment throughout the day. We are proud to be the only footwear manufacturer in Poland to have won the trust of the US-based BOA® company and to have established production of series of shoes with the BOA® binding system.

In prophylactic footwear, the BOA® system combines two types of fasteners: laces and Velcro. Laces enable us to provide perfect fitting of the foot in the shoe, whereas Velcro facilitate fastening. Both of these methods, however, have their drawbacks. That is why BOA® bindings help children fasten their shoes easily and firmly on their own, ensuring stabilisation of the ankle.



The membrane is combined with a layer of synthetic sheepskin - a waterproof and breathable material. The TE-POR membranes enable the drainage of sweat, thus improving hygienic characteristic of the shoe. They protect against any external moisture. The TE-POR membranes are fitted inside the shoes between the lining and the surface layer.


All footwear is made of natural leather, thanks to which shoes are softer and more flexible, the skin adapts to the shape of the foot. Leather is a natural environment for the feet. The presented colors and shades of leather may vary in reality. This depends on absorbing the dye through the skin and displaying the colors on a given monitor.


Natural cowhide lining made of split leather gives 30% more air exchange, "feet can breathe".


The human body uses energy to maintain body heat. The structure of the microfibre helps to retain the heat inside the shoe. In this manner it not only provides warmth, but also maintains air circulation and water resistant properties. It is most often used in transitional footwear. Recommended for people suffering from cold feet.

All our shoes are made of natural leather therefore they are softer, more flexible and fit the shape of the foot better. Leather is the natural environment for the feet.

Water resistance owing to the TE-POR membrane (in a selection of models).

Natural, breathable environment for your child’s feet.

There are no seams inside the shoes, ensuring a feeling of comfort and preventing abrasions of outer skin.

They help to stabilise the foot.

The footwear we manufacture is certified by the Central Laboratory of Footwear Industry in Cracow and was awarded the “Healthy Foot” certification.

Soles produced by the renown Vibram®company guarantee elasticity, additionally assisting in the training of underdeveloped longitudinal foot arch in children.

Appropriate width ensures freedom of the little feet and room for their growth.