Viktor Shoes Reviews



One of the biggest advantages of the Aurelka ORTO® footwear is that the orthopaedic qualities of the shoes are introduced through only minor modifications to the sole or the insole, the upper of the shoe remaining unaltered. 

The material used in manufacturing of our outsoles is the Italian-made Vibram® rubber, allowing for production of simple treads of exceptional plasticity. Its structure serves as a support for the corrective elements, which align the foot in the right position.

We can made shoes with various corrections:

  • Fallen arch support -Longitudinal Arch Supination. The corrective element is positioned inside the shoe under the lining at the level of the longitudinal arch. Its height may vary depending on the client’s individual needs. This corrective element is commonly used in the treatment of: valgus knees, flexible flatfoot (pes planovalgus) 

  • Heel support  Stabilizing Element (Heel Cups)This corrective element stabilises the correct heel position in relation to the lower foot axis (by creating a reinforced support for the heel). It is glued under the lining of the hindfoot.This corrective element is commonly used in the treatment of: hollow foot (pes cavus), rheumatoid foot with heel instability

  • Without correction if the child has a different shoe insole prescribed by a doctor.