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How to choose the right shoe size

  • To correctly match the size to the foot length, add 6-8 mm, you will get the required length of the insole (inside length of the shoe).

  • We always recommend to measure feet length before selecting your size.

We always recommend to measure feet length before selecting your size.

STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE Our paper gauge is perfect for mini explorers who can stand on their own and the instructions below make measuring their wriggly little feet a doddle, so please read through them carefully. As measuring is only a guide it’s important to check the fit of the shoes once they arrive. Different styles and types of footwear can fit differently to one another so be sure to take a look at our ‘Easy ways to check the fit’ guide.

  1.    PRINTING THE GAUGE When printing double check that your printer is set to 100% or ‘do not scale’ to ensure an accurate result.  Once printed use a ruler to check the millimetre markings match up.
  2.     PLACE THE CHART ON A HARD FLOOR You may find it helpful to place the heel line against a wall to make measuring easier
  3.    GETTING STARTED Ask your child to pop one foot onto the paper gauge and make sure the back of their heel lines up with the thick line as shown. Double check they are standing normally, with their weight on both feet.
  4.    MEASURING THE LENGTH Jot down the millimetre measurement from their longest toe – no need to add any extra as we’ve already calculated growing room into all our shoes. Repeat for their other foot.
  5.    FOR SIZE MATCHING Now add to the obtained measurement not less than 0.5 cm but not more than 1 cm. Compare the result with the size table for a specific shoes product.

Depending on the manufacturer, the size of the footwear may be larger or smaller.

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