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Aurelka 1001 27

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Size EU Foot lenght cm
18 12.3
19 12.8
20 13.7
21 14.3
22 15
23 15.5
24 16.3
25 16.9
26 17.5
27 18.2
28 19
29 19.6
30 20.2
31 21
32 21.7
33 22.2
34 23
35 23.4


An “intelligent sole” which adjusts to the feet. Vibram Standard soles feature various axes of tension which act like a spring, flexing and thus exercising the longitudinal foot arch. They are bendable and elastic; they do not scratch the surface walked on. Due to their structure Vibram Standard soles can be modified to meet clients’ necessary requirements. They come in black, beige, green, red and blue.

Available in size 18-43


It is very flexible, elastic and light. This sole give a unique use comfort. 

It results in only slight elevation of the heel in relation to the toes. The heel is fitted in the sole.

Available in size 18-40


It is a trekking sole proven under difficult conditions, e.g. on snow, sand or rocks. 

The Vibram Cougar soles have good adherence and are durable. Additionally, they are ultra-light.

Available in size 26-46



It gives the sports look of a footwear made of thermo rubber. It is resilient and flexible. Has a longitudinal arch support. Does not scratch the surface.

Available in size 26-41


  • Fallen arch support -Longitudinal Arch Supination. The corrective element is positioned inside the shoe under the lining at the level of the longitudinal arch. Its height may vary depending on the client’s individual needs. This corrective element is commonly used in the treatment of: valgus knees, flexible flatfoot (pes planovalgus) 

  • Heel support  Stabilizing Element (Heel Cups)This corrective element stabilises the correct heel position in relation to the lower foot axis (by creating a reinforced support for the heel). It is glued under the lining of the hindfoot.This corrective element is commonly used in the treatment of: hollow foot (pes cavus), rheumatoid foot with heel instability

  • Without correction if the child has a different shoe insole prescribed by a doctor.

Estimated terms for orders for AURELKA ORTO footwear are as follows:

• January, February, December - approx. 15 business days
• March, April - approx. 25 business days
• May, June - approx. 20 business days
• July, August - approx. 15 business days
• September, October, November - approx. 25 business days

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